Old black and whites that I like

george wallace-1.jpgpaul bear bryant 1177 lsu 1.jpgfob james.jpgminers.jpgnavy.jpgold folks kiss.jpgDOG_HAND.jpgking birthday birminghamhoods.jpgselma pettus bridge walkbb003.jpg

  • The first picture is the late Alabama Governor George C. Wallace entering an Eclectic, Alabama church for a campaign stop in 1981.
  • Followed by the legendary Alabama football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant getting a ride from players after an SEC championship clinching win over LSU in Baton Rouge in 1977.
  • Former Alabama Governor Fob James is all smiles during a political speech in Winston County in 1986.
  • Coal miners arrive by elevator after a shift underground in a Jefferson County mine.
  • The Navy marched in the annual Veteran’s Day Parade in Birmingham.
  • An elderly couple kisses after being married in a retirement facility in Birmingham.
  • For some reason, a person reaches out to a large dog in a car in downtown Birmingham.
  • Civil rights icon Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth speaks to a crowd in Selma.
  • A robed performer yawns at a high school play rehearsal in Corner, Alabama.
  • Jesse Jackson looks over the Edmund Pettus Bridge before the annual bridge crossing in Selma.
  •  A minor league baseball player leans away from a pitch he thinks is too close in 1985.



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