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Some Recent Wedding Images

In the last year, fall, spring and summer weddings resulted in some pleasurable work and travel. Including Nashville, Boston, Birmingham and Grayton Beach Florida. Each was different and all were non traditional. And every one was beautiful and totally unique.  Here are a few images from those.

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Bernard Troncale Birmingham Alabama Photographer

With over thirty years of experience as a photojournalist, most of that time at The Birmingham (Ala.)News,  Birmingham based photographer Bernard Troncale can deliver what you need photographically. After working for decades under some of the most challenging conditions in both lighting and location, Troncale can produce high quality work quickly and have it in […]

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Strange Football Picture

        This picture came from a rainy college football game last Saturday. Look at it closely. The guy making the tackle, number 10 from Troy University lost his helmet on the play and his teammate  number 33 catches the helmet and doesn’t seem to know what to do with it. This might […]

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A Picture I Wish I Had…

People ask me all the time what picture is my favorite out of all the pictures I have ever taken.  With tens of thousands (who knows what the actual number is) of images to choose from, I can’t think of just one to choose. It makes me think, though about a picture that I wish […]

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Old black and whites that I like

The first picture is the late Alabama Governor George C. Wallace entering an Eclectic, Alabama church for a campaign stop in 1981. Followed by the legendary Alabama football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant getting a ride from players after an SEC championship clinching win over LSU in Baton Rouge in 1977. Former Alabama Governor Fob James […]

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Ye Shall Know The Truth Baptist Church in Gee’s Bend, Alabama

I worked on a series about poverty in Alabama’s Black Belt several years ago. I ran across this church in Gee’s Bend, Alabama and was allowed to attend a Sunday morning service. The service was held in a very old school house. Eventually, a new church was built for the congregation.

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Lusaka, Zambia

In 2005, I visited Lusaka, Zambia for a series of stories on HIV/AIDS and the presence UAB has there. These are a few of the images from that life changing event. Over the course of 17 days, at least one person photographed in the first few days died of the disease. Back then, as many […]

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