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Some Recent Wedding Images

In the last year, fall, spring and summer weddings resulted in some pleasurable work and travel. Including Nashville, Boston, Birmingham and Grayton Beach Florida. Each was different and all were non traditional.

And every one was beautiful and totally unique.  Here are a few images from those.

Bernard Troncale Birmingham Alabama Photographer

With over thirty years of experience as a photojournalist, most of that time at The Birmingham (Ala.)News,  Birmingham based photographer Bernard Troncale can deliver what you need photographically. After working for decades under some of the most challenging conditions in both lighting and location, Troncale can produce high quality work quickly and have it in your hands as fast as you need it.  Environmental or backdrop portraiture by Birmingham Photographer Bernard Troncale is available as well as aerial, architectural, industrial and editorial photography. Clients include Delta Sky Magazine, Alabama Power Co., Diverse: Issues In Higher Education Magazine, Lakeshore Foundation, Icebox Coffee, Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe, Toronto Globe & Mail, The Southern Conference, Equal Justice Initiative, The Birmingham Public Library, HCACR Distribution Business Magazine, National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability.


Strange Football Picture





This picture came from a rainy college football game last Saturday. Look at it closely. The guy making the tackle, number 10 from Troy University lost his helmet on the play and his teammate  number 33 catches the helmet and doesn’t seem to know what to do with it. This might be the strangest football picture I ever shot.

A Picture I Wish I Had…

the_band_shadow_gimp.jpgelvis presley.jpgjimmy buffett.jpgharry chapin.jpgbilly joel.jpgchuck mangione.jpgmick jagger.jpggen simmons.jpg
People ask me all the time what picture is my favorite out of all the pictures I have ever taken.  With tens of thousands (who knows what the actual number is) of images to choose from, I can’t think of just one to choose. It makes me think, though about a picture that I wish I had made.  A few years before I started shooting and even before I ever picked up a camera, I went to a concert. In 1969. In Tuscaloosa. I believe it to be the first real concert I ever attended. The group? The Band. All members were present and to this day it is still the best concert I have ever seen.  Music for what seemed to a seventeen year old kid to last for hours is still burned in my memory. I really wish I had  a picture from that night. I’ve included their first and best album here. Unfortunately, I did not shoot it.

So I decided to look for some shows that I have shot and put them here and remind me of  “The night they drove old dixie down”.

I also remember seeing a show probably in the mid seventies at Rickwood Field that featured Kiss, Bob Seger and Kansas on two different stages. I shot that show but I have no idea what happened to those negatives. The picture of Gene Simmons here came from a later show.

In order are Elvis Presley from 1976 in Tuscaloosa.  Just a year before his death.  And then Jimmy Buffett, Harry Chapin, Billy Joel, Chuck Mangione, Mick Jagger and Kiss.

I’ll keep looking for old concert negatives and slides. I’m guessing I photographed dozens of shows along the way.

Old black and whites that I like

george wallace-1.jpgpaul bear bryant 1177 lsu 1.jpgfob james.jpgminers.jpgnavy.jpgold folks kiss.jpgDOG_HAND.jpgking birthday birminghamhoods.jpgselma pettus bridge walkbb003.jpg

  • The first picture is the late Alabama Governor George C. Wallace entering an Eclectic, Alabama church for a campaign stop in 1981.
  • Followed by the legendary Alabama football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant getting a ride from players after an SEC championship clinching win over LSU in Baton Rouge in 1977.
  • Former Alabama Governor Fob James is all smiles during a political speech in Winston County in 1986.
  • Coal miners arrive by elevator after a shift underground in a Jefferson County mine.
  • The Navy marched in the annual Veteran’s Day Parade in Birmingham.
  • An elderly couple kisses after being married in a retirement facility in Birmingham.
  • For some reason, a person reaches out to a large dog in a car in downtown Birmingham.
  • Civil rights icon Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth speaks to a crowd in Selma.
  • A robed performer yawns at a high school play rehearsal in Corner, Alabama.
  • Jesse Jackson looks over the Edmund Pettus Bridge before the annual bridge crossing in Selma.
  •  A minor league baseball player leans away from a pitch he thinks is too close in 1985.



Ye Shall Know The Truth Baptist Church in Gee’s Bend, Alabama

ye shall know the truth206.jpgye shall know the truthye shall know the truthye shall know the truthye shall know the truthye shall know the truthye shall know the truth212.jpg
I worked on a series about poverty in Alabama’s Black Belt several years ago. I ran across this church in Gee’s Bend, Alabama and was allowed to attend a Sunday morning service. The service was held in a very old school house. Eventually, a new church was built for the congregation.

Lusaka, Zambia

AIDS IN AFRICAAIDS IN AFRICAwheelchair lift 16238.jpgchurch shoes 1469.jpgcoffins volkswagen.jpgcouch mom and daughter.jpgfuneral truck 7135.jpgAIDS IN AFRICAAIDS IN AFRICAAIDS IN AFRICAAIDS IN AFRICAbabies 25654.jpgAIDS IN AFRICAAIDS IN AFRICAfuneral hole _0545.jpg
In 2005, I visited Lusaka, Zambia for a series of stories on HIV/AIDS and the presence UAB has there. These are a few of the images from that life changing event. Over the course of 17 days, at least one person photographed in the first few days died of the disease. Back then, as many as sixty people were dying daily there from HIV/AIDS. Thankfully that number has been cut in half.